About Greek food

Greek food is characterized by the supply of good produce, such as sun-ripe tomatoes, sharp feta cheese, fresh fish, thick honey, fat olives and affordable wine. The dishes seldom consist of many ingredients, and eating Greek food is enjoying the taste of these ingredients in their own right. But also, the Greeks prefer to eat many small dishes (mezedes) rather than only one big main course, so the tastes are still varied and exciting in the course of a meal.

Mezédes, (singular: mezé), are the small Greek dishes that can be compared to Spanish tapas. You can find them at most Greek taverns, mostly as “appetizers” or “starters”. You can eat mezedes both for lunch and dinner, or whenever you want, either one, two or many. All the small dishes are placed in the middle of the table and then it’s just for everybody around the table to tuck in.

Meze can be small bowls of olives, cheese or salted cucumber, grilled octopus or sausage, small meatballs, shrimp or fried small fish, pies and cheese fritters. It may also be meat that has cooked for a long time in tomato and wine, salad of eggplant or garlic, chicken in ouzo sauce … The dishes varies from place to place.

Using the recipes in this blog, you can easily make your own mezedes table. Chose the dishes you like and want, you can’t go wrong, and there really are no rules.

Kali Orexi!

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