About me

I’m a Norwegian, completely in love with Greek food. Living parts of my life in, in beautiful Nafplio, I am lucky enough to eat the real stuff quite often, either in taverns or at friend’s houses. And of course, I am collecting recipes all the time.


6 responses to “About me

  1. Thank you so much for creating this website. I have just moved to Greece and found it quite difficult cooking here, as a lot of the food is seasonal but I came across your website and it saved me. I have tried a range recipes from the website and they have always been good. They are simple, easy to follow and, most importantly, taste brilliant. I also like the information that you put in about the recipe or the food as it has made me sound as though I have lived in Greece for years!

  2. Thanks again, Tara, I am so happy that you find the site helpful. As I promised earlier, I’ll soon put more recipes here.
    I sort of like the seasonal cooking in Greece, it’s healthier both for us and the planet, but yes, it’s also a challenge because you can’t decide in the morning what you will make for dinner, you have to check at the shop or market what kind of vegetables you can find 🙂

  3. Monica Pizanias

    Denna sida är fantanstisk! Jag gillar särskilt att du kommenterar personligen omkring sättet att laga och andra detaljer. Tack! Jag är säker på att din blogg blir favorit i många hem.
    Monica P

  4. Hi Merede. I am really glad to find another food blogger here in Nafplio. Your recipes are wonderful.

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