Yiaourti me meli/yogurt with honey

No, you don’t need a recipe for yogurt with honey. Consider this a remainder – or, if you haven’t tried it before, an encouragement to do so.

Yogurt with honey works well as both breakfast and dessert, or if you just want a snack.

But bear in mind: You must use thick yogurt; Greek or Greek style yogurt, and the best honey you can find. Greek honey is wonderful, the many sunny days but also the rich flora makes Greek honey unique. I’m not kidding, of the 7500 different species of plants growing in Greece, 850 are found only in Greece!

The best honey is considered to be thyme honey, a honey that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. But if you have a chance, you should try other varieties too, like lavender, rosemary, mandarin and, my favourite, orange blossom.

To make yogurt with honey you simply drizzle the latter over the first, or add walnuts and/or pieces of fruit before the honey. Apple, pear, melon, pomegranate, banana, kiwi… whatever you prefer!

A tip: If the honey, after a while, gets grainy, heat the whole glass gently in hot water. Simply put it in a casserole, add as much water as you can, and put the whole thing on the stove.

By the way, the Greek philosopher Plato was a honey lover, and it is said that he was fed honey from early childhood. Later, he wrote that a moderate and healthy diet consists of cereals, legumes, fruits, milk, honey and fish. He didn’t get that much wrong!

“I am also sending twelve jars of sweet wine for the children, and two of honey.” (Plato, Letters 361b).


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